Our Screenwriters

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Alejandro Gabriel Leopardi is a screenwriter and has had his screenplay, We, produced; it is available on several streaming services, including Apple TV and Amazon Prime. He is also an English professor teaching literature and writing at Montgomery College in Maryland. His published work has appeared in Duck Head Journal, Academy of the Heart and Mind, and The Sligo Journal, as well as the Sci-Fi anthology Alien Aberrations. He is also the author of Unraveling the Dark, a psychological thriller that is currently in agented submissions.

Sean McKenzie is a screenwriter who has had several screenplays optioned in the past decade.  He has authored four works of fiction: The Elf King, Project Human, and began a crime series– The Hitman: Dirty Rotters,  including The Hitman: Burning HaloesHe is 48 years old and currently lives in northern Michigan.

Chris Thomas is a comedy writer and performer who loves nothing more than to tell a great story unless it’s before 9 am, in which case he loves nothing more than a hot cup of coffee. Chris started his comedy career like most comedians, entertaining his family and friends with experiences from his everyday life. From there, he started writing jokes and short stories and eventually learned more about the process of screenwriting by taking courses through UCLA Extension. Chris has written everything from one-liners to published digital content. He most recently dipped his toe in the world of standup comedy, being selected as a finalist in an open mic competition. He currently resides in North Carolina. When he isn’t writing and performing comedy, you can find him relaxing with his family at the beach.

Jovanny Alfonso is a Comedic Screenwriter with a background in the Mental Health Field.

Hailing from Scotland, Gary J Hewitt is a highly accomplished Screenwriter and Director. His career took off with the release of his debut feature film Cleek in 2018, captivating audiences throughout its festival run. Garnering significant recognition, Cleek was distributed on Amazon Prime and DVD by Shami Media Group in 2019.

Continuing his artistic prowess, Gary went on to direct the award-winning short film Mia, which received critical acclaim and secured distribution through Meridian Releasing. Mia attained over 10 distinguished awards, including the prestigious titles of Best British Film, Best Film, and the IAC Diamond Award at the BIAFF. Remarkably, Gary stands as the sole filmmaker to have triumphed in all three categories at the festival and furthermore, his most recent short film, DIG, has achieved the identical trifecta of accolades this year. Gary is currently engrossed in the production of his second feature film, The Defender, scheduled for a late 2023 release. Additionally, he is actively in the development of two other feature screenplays. It is worth noting that Gary’s professional journey encompasses his previous role as a Casting Assistant, where he lent his expertise to commercials and shows aired on the esteemed platforms of BBC and Comedy Central.

Prior to her screenwriting journey, Liz Biscevic worked as a founding journalist for an environmental magazine where she reported on sustainable business and solutions to climate change. Since taking the leap to screenwriting she’s accrued accolades in various competitions. Her first script earned a spot on the Blklst, and her subsequent scripts have landed on Coverfly’s Red List. Her last feature, Skyline Mist is in consideration by Verve and Lionsgate. When she’s not writing, she’s hanging with her kids or teaching yoga in Santa Monica.